Reasons why

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Reasons why

Postby mem » Thu Oct 08, 2009 6:34 pm

Lecture: Do not build or modify trails or trail features without permission!
The reasons are too numerous to mention here, google it if you are unclear as to why this is not cool...
(From Rage on the FORC forum)

An example of how errant trail building and "maintence" hurts organizations and creates more work for others!
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Re: Reasons why

Postby Angy » Thu Oct 08, 2009 6:53 pm

Time to break out the wet noodles!
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Re: Reasons why

Postby Farmboy » Thu Oct 08, 2009 11:37 pm

What happened?
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Re: Reasons why

Postby Hank » Fri Oct 09, 2009 7:03 am

Some ahole moved a skinny that was off the main trail right into the middle of the trail. Steve and I came up on it pretty quick the other night. If we were moving faster it could have gotten ugly. :evil:
I need more info here...
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Re: Reasons why

Postby Ken » Fri Oct 09, 2009 3:20 pm

I used to be a rogue trail worker, but knew what I was doing, just no outlet for my energies. In a perfect world FORC would find this person and harness their energy; however, we all know the type of world we live, work, and play in so...

Best of luck with that situation, I thought Rage's post was well put.

Need to get to the Quads for some riding, way overdue.
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