Garlic Mustard Pull 3PM Sunday 4/22

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Garlic Mustard Pull 3PM Sunday 4/22

Postby NoyzSource » Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:20 am

Spontaneous Earth Day (weekend) event Sunday 4/22/12 at 3 PM. Going after the garlic mustard at Beverly Park. Come if you can for a little bit or a lot!

Bring power weed wackers,gloves,wear long sleeve shirts,pants,mud boots etc. Di and I will head back to trail 5 area and attack the fields (with LAMBA's industrial strength wackers). We have lots of string so if anyone needs it we can reload you.

Meet at main lot. Much to pull,but good news is we don't have to bag it yet as long as it is flowered. We can cut or pull and drop it.

Very important that we get trail corridors so that feet and wheels don't spread seeds. (Good zone to pull if you are poison ivy sensitive). GM is way ahead of normal development so we need to jump on it.

Weed wacking gm fields is very effective,but if you do weed wack,sit on towels in your car so that you don't put plant chemicals on your seats and wash up ASAP.

Save the planet and protect our park! Rob J.
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