wed june 9 ride

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wed june 9 ride

Postby musthavemuzk » Thu Jun 10, 2010 11:11 pm

so last night i made it out to beverly to give it another shot.
i had been out a few times and just rode what was around the parking area by the ball diamond. and that was enough to kick me in the tail. it didnt discourage me from wanting to ride more, but it still kicked my tail as i had never ridden singletrack before.
in several threads on here i kept being told to come out and find someone to show me around. i said sure.
well last night was a low turnout, guessing it was due to rain we have had. anyways i was out and i rode by some ppl that kinda looked familiar, but wasnt sure so i kept riding. get back and took a breather and one of them came out. we talked for a few and then he went back in and i followed a few minutes later.
this time i decided to bite the bullet and went off into places i hadnt been before. thinking i have enough daylight if i get lost as well as knowing there are a few ppl still in here somewhere. so i went.
i ventured off onto 3. rode by 12 and 11 and 10 getting back on 4 to take me back (hopefully) to 3. was just guessing on all of this as i was out there. guessing by a pure sense of where i was at. trying to stay off of blu and black trails as the green was definitely beyond my capabilities. as i was off the bike alot walking it both up and down hills. i never took a spill, but i was verry cautious and SLOW.
with my reading on here as well as on forum i have learned that hard braking (enough to lock up the brakes) is not good for control of bike or the trails. i have read to ride within your abilities. if you arent sure walk it. better to be safe and make it. then later try it again after you feel more comfy in your skin and have more seat time. so i took that advice.
talking with Jamie i learned (confirmed) that the trails were a little sticky. i kept noticing on my first round of trail 2 that i had to pedal alot more than previous times out there. so i was wondering what was up with that. common sense told me it was tacky/sticky. Jamie confirmed that.
i enjoyed myself on the ride last night.
i was definitely slow and cautious.
i learned i definitely have limits.
i am hoping with more seat time and mayb some more reading i will learn more and be better prepared for the next time i am out at beverly.
idk if it was due to trail being more difficult than i thought it would be, if it was being unsure of how to approach or tackle things or what the deal was, but i was definitely wobbly in the steering department. i tended to go from side to side of trail at times. i tended to take turns really slow. when i came up to roots and areas where i had a hunch others would jump or bunny hop i would slow down as well.
i don't have enough seat time to make a call on right or wrong bike for the task. though i have seen many a hardtail as well as FS bikes out there, but keep reading that some bikes just work better for a certain rider or style of rider. so i have to get more seat time and get more accustomed to riding trails before i can one way or another on the bike being right or wrong for me. as well as if i have the bike set up as well as it could/should be. including tires and pressure as well as gearing, brake lever position and whatever else i am unaware of right now.
i do have alot of seat time on my bike. however almost all of that seat time is on hard surfaces. be it around town, or on paved trails. it has seen some dirt, but nothing like beverly.
as i told Jamie last night i bought my bike to handle my weight. now that i am down some it is easier to move around and i feel more comfy on it. i still have aways to go before i am where i want to be with the weight thing. i now have a new kind of riding to learn. as i have enjoyed my trips to beverly.
in time i hope to be faster then i am now. right now though i have to figure alot out.

idk who the guy was, but i saw him several times and the first time he said i see you are still at it. i said yes i am. out on the trail he asked how i was doing as i pulled over to let the fast guys by. i said so far so good.
just wanted to thank whoever you are for the encouragement/care by asking a simple question.

another time i pulled over to let riders pass as i saw them plenty in advance i heard a guy say on your left. then as he go to me he said 2 more coming. i was impressed by that. as i didnt know how many there were i just saw bikes coming. i was busy catching my breath so there is a chance i wouldnt have moved for a few or i could have pushed on after he passed and bumped into one of the other riders.

i guess i need to learn trail etiquette as well as how to ride trail.

i am easy going casual guy. pretty quiet for the most part.

i figured last night was as good a time as any to venture out. was hopin for many others to be there to ride with poky me, but that is ok. i made it back to my car in one piece.

was good to hang out with a few ppl when i got back to my car as well.

thanx again for the encouragement. hope to ride more and learn more and not be a burden to those who let me ride with them or the fast ones who i encounter on the trails.

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Re: wed june 9 ride

Postby NoyzSource » Fri Jun 11, 2010 7:06 am

Dude, I think you are over analyzing it.

I've done 3 Mt Bike races and I still wobble all over the trails and routinely hit the plants on either side.

Sorry about Wednesday. I know 5 people that would normally be there but couldn't.
4 were in the LAMBA board meeting and 1 was working at Sugarbottom.

Try not to be afraid to chat people up. Did you see the Snoops? The 2 kids with the Mom and Dad around? Greenfast has the weird bike that only has half a front fork.

Rock on! Glad to hear you tried some other stuff.
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Re: wed june 9 ride

Postby musthavemuzk » Fri Jun 11, 2010 8:10 am

angy and her hubby were there, but no kids.

i did see an older guy with a lefty. he was leaving as i was getting there. said he wasnt feeling it after a lap. so he was loading his bike back up on his bmw and heading out.

i saw 2 guys ride in and one of the guys was the one that kept encouraging me. afterwards they were headed to parlor city for refreshments.

there is a good chance i am lookin to deep into wed nights right for things. but that is how i am.
i know i am not gonna be a wild crazy rider, but i do want to do the best i can that i am comfy with. saying that i felt wobbly was a fact. i dont know how others are so i was just stating something i noticed with my riding.

i wasnt bummed about the lack of ppl. i know ppl have lives and i have no doubt the rain was a factor.

ya have to start somewhere and i have now.
in time i am sure i will get better.
i am sure i will talk to ppl more as well.

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Re: wed june 9 ride

Postby Angy » Fri Jun 11, 2010 8:27 am

Yeah we were there but without the kids. Not a lot of people out there at all. Keith had a couple faster guys to ride with, I went out with Jamie, then myself then found Jason and Jason. And Keith took me around to try and kick 16's a$$, instead it kicked mine...damn!

I didn't make the connection who Monty was until after we got home and then it clicked that you were the guy on here. I'm not a shy person, but I'm also not one to walk up to introduce myself to everyone, sorry, nothing against you, just me. I'm a talker once I get to know someone though. Also I was enjoying being kid free!

You are correct, you've gotta start somewhere! And you're getting out and riding, so that's a great start no matter what your riding level is! I still suck (compared to others) but am way better then where I was when I started a year ago, so I look at my progress and how I'm doing and what I can do to improve it and that's only done by riding more!

Keep riding!
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Re: wed june 9 ride

Postby musthavemuzk » Fri Jun 11, 2010 8:56 am

no worries Angy. in time i will get to know more ppl and feel more comfy around them.
i know i will get better as i get more seat time at beverly. then wherever else i might go i will have to start over so to speak.

i am not upset. in fact i am glad i just went. i shouldnt be concerned about going on my own, but since this is new to me the thought of being left out there if something negative happens is not appealing at all. since i do stay within my limits i am sure i will be fine. worse thing is i get a flat or break something on my bike and i have to walk it out. i doubt i break or hurt myself.

Jamie was hopin to bring out his son next time/week. he said he would ride with me as his son and i are both new to this.

while out there i am also scoping things out for scenery and light and all that stuff.

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Re: wed june 9 ride

Postby Garasaki » Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:45 am

I think you said in your original post, 4 times, that you had fun. That's the most important part. Don't worry about going fast.

Having said that...

musthavemuzk wrote:idk if it was due to trail being more difficult than i thought it would be, if it was being unsure of how to approach or tackle things or what the deal was, but i was definitely wobbly in the steering department. i tended to go from side to side of trail at times. i tended to take turns really slow.

You were wobbling because you were going slow and thinking too much.

The key to going fast is to turn off your mind and let your instincts take over. The reason seat time is so important is because it hones your instincts and reflexs to a point where you can trust them and turn your mind off. That is part of what is so enjoyable about riding - your mind takes a break and gets a chance to recharge.

The faster I ride, the less I remember, the less I notice the scenery and animals around me, etc. Sometimes it's nice to enjoy the scenery, other times it's really nice when it blurs by and you don't even notice it's there :dance:

Another thing about going fast - it's WAYYYYYYY easier then going slow. Momentum will carry you over a lot of roots, rocks, hills, drops, etc that cause you stress when you are going slow. Hills are easier to go up when you go faster. Turns just happen when you are going fast. Again, there is no thinking, no stressing, just riding.

Now, what do I think you should do? Go ride at whatever speed you damn well please. Keep enjoying yourself. Bench racing on the forums is fun, but riding is even funner :whistle:

It looks like the rain isn't going to cooperate with us the next few days, unfortunately.
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Re: wed june 9 ride

Postby Farmboy » Fri Jun 11, 2010 10:53 am

FYI, the guys going to Parlor City were Jason Lewis and Poncho.
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Re: wed june 9 ride

Postby musthavemuzk » Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:03 pm

thanx for the words Garaski.
it makes sense that momentum/speed will carry you over things.
but it will take me sometime to get my sea legs so to speak. yes i am a former navy guy.

think about this from a newbie standpoint though. since i dont have seat time i dont know the best setup for my bike. so i have to ride and pay attention to how things are. how they feel. then mayb adjust something. again paying attention to did the change help or hurt?
once i can figure some of that out i think it will be easier to say ok lets go. and if something needs to be changed for conditions then it can be done relatively fast. such as tire pressure or seat.
some have more seat time and have figured that stuff out.

yes i enjoyed myself. guess i didnt realize i said it that often.

i have to say instincts did get me through a couple spots. i was diggin in my head fast about what i have heard others say. how some trails flow well and you can just go with it. other times something sneaks up on you and well what happens happens. hopefully next time you remember it so you can adjust for it.
i am starting to understand/notice why ppl call a trail flowy or it flows well.
i am also understanding the whole many dif tires. how it will affect how you ride and your confidence. when my knobs wore out i bought smoother tires as i rode on hard surfaces mostly.
so now i might need to consider a different tire for the trails around here as they have to help with confidence in knowing you can push that turn harder or have grip going up and down hills.
there i go thinking again.

i looked this am at weather and yes it looks like rain for days.

going to boone this weekend to see friends and family. bike is still packed in trunk from wed night so hopin to get some ride time with my nieces. nothing special but still nice to spend time with them.

thanx again for the words.
i have my big boy pants/shorts on so i can take constructive comments.

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