Trail conditions 6/2/10

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Trail conditions 6/2/10

Postby Angy » Wed Jun 02, 2010 2:59 pm

Keith just called and said the trails are in fair condition. He walked a bit and didn't leave footprints. He said the normal wet spots were wet but the trails were doing pretty fair and he'd ride them.

That being said I don't think we're making it out there tonight. The older kid has a school cooking project to do so I get stuck with 4 6th grade boys trying to make some Chiliean dessert in my steaming hot kitchen. If the other boys are anything like my son they've got no cooking skills and I'm in trouble!!! Keith might sneak out, but not definate yet.
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Re: Trail conditions 6/2/10

Postby Ken » Wed Jun 02, 2010 3:24 pm

Alrighty then, thanks for the post, lets plan on a typically Wednesday ride / social and stuff... we'll bring citronella candles and music.
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