Quality vs price

Quality vs price

Postby NoyzSource » Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:22 am

What makes this bike. http://www.singletrackworld.com/2009/10 ... ili-flyer/ where they say the CroMo setup will run around $3000, better than other CroMo bikes?

I've asked this before but not in the forum. What/why is there such a difference in price among bikes? What makes a GF Aluminum Frame worse/better than a custom aluminum Frame?

Is it prestige? Uniqueness? Quality? Desire to buy from small builder? Weight? Looks?
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Re: Quality vs price

Postby greenfast » Mon Oct 12, 2009 10:09 am

I believe alot of it has to do with the type of Aluminium used, as well as the tapering of the tubes, and welding process. Just look at a low end bike next to a high end one and you will see a major difference in the welding, on most high end bikes the tubes are welded as to appear to be one, with no seams, as your low end bikes you will see the exposed welds. Now is one better then the other, I am not sure, not a welder, but I will say it looks nicer. Also if you have ever seen any of the Cannondale frames that most shops have had where they took one of their frames and cut it in half you can see just how skinny the tubes are at the middle section, to reduce weight and yet still have a really strong tube.
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