Why in the hell did we transition to MTB Iowa Forum?

Why in the hell did we transition to MTB Iowa Forum?

Postby NoyzSource » Fri Apr 27, 2012 6:31 pm


1) I was sick of running the forum on my own.
2) Other groups wanted a forum but were struggling to figure it out how to set one up because it can be a lot of work.
3) ICORR had spam problems and it takes a lot of work to fight it. The other option is to start locking out users and that kind of stuff weighs on your mind and distracts you.
4) I didn't want to have to check 2 different forums for information anymore. If some of these other clubs got separate forums going, I'd have to check even more of them. More logins, more passwords, more headaches, more forums names to learn, BLECH!

More here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1841#p10318
and here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1848#p10388

Don't think of this as one more place you need to look. Right now the only thing that changed from LAMBA is the name of the forum. All the same great people are here and the same information. ICORR is starting their transition on their timeline and that will be 1 LESS place you need to check.

No offense meant to CVAST and DHPT but I started their Categories with a non-topical Forum name until they tell me what they want to have.

The concept of http://MTBIowa.org is basically listed on the front page. I really need to spend some quality time with the front page to pretty it up and organize it.

MTBIowa.org is hopefully going to minimize the number of places you need to go to get your Mt Biking info.

A) A Map on the front page that gives you the status (within an hour or so) of the trail conditions across the state.
B) An aggregation of forum posts, facebook posts, twitter action, and website headlines from across the state.
C) Calendar aggregation of events that doesn't require direct intervention or login to modify. Ideally, the club/group would publish their calendar in ICS/iCal/XML format and MTBIowa would collect and list it chronologically. If the club changes the date/information of the activity the MTBIowa calendar would AUTOMATICALLY be updated via the published calendar and show it. No logging in or emailing somebody to get them to change it. BTW, LAMBA already does this with a Google Calendar but there are many different options for calendar publishing with Yahoo, Microsoft, Zoho, etc..

I'm actually hoping that once the MTBIowa website is fully set up that it will barely ever need me to touch it. All the news aggregation, trail status map updates, and calendar updates will make the site very dynamic. QCFORC and LAMBA already use similar tech but it only works within their own websites and doesn't fully allow outside aggregation.

The benefits are that your volunteers can focus on trail work and event coordination rather than updating/promoting the event to so many different websites.


The only problem I can see arising is a power struggle for control of the content/layout of the forum. I'm taking a fairly big risk here and assuming I can handle the influx of ideas and manage the new moderators and admins in the forum. I generally play nice but I'm an engineer and sometimes can be a little possessive. Just kidding, I'm absolutely going to be a dictator and you all have to play by my rules (That's a joke, son.).

There can't be a struggle for the MTBIowa.org web page because that information is generated by the individual groups. The MTBIowa website may display a snippet but will send the user to the group website/calendar when clicked.

I absolutely want to push Mt Biking in Iowa and I'm kind of sick of sitting on my a$$ and waiting for somebody else to show ME the bigger picture. This is my vision of the bigger picture and I need help getting there. I don't claim it is perfect but I will claim it is better than what we had a year ago. I love constructive criticism because it can help flush out ideas. I'm not very tolerant of criticism without ideas. I'm also not very tolerant of failure to act.

Post your constructive criticism here or send me an email: epenne@gmail.com
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Why in the hell did we transition to MTB Iowa Forum?

Postby Rage » Fri Apr 27, 2012 11:15 pm

Why in the hell did it take us this long to get this far? Let's keep going.

When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

Mean people suck.
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Re: Why in the hell did we transition to MTB Iowa Forum?

Postby Ken » Sat Apr 28, 2012 9:59 am

It's kinda like this...

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