How to delete a user and all of their posts.

How to delete a user and all of their posts.

Postby NoyzSource » Sat Apr 24, 2010 9:08 pm

The ICORR forum has a SPAM bot and the Admin is not responding today. It isn't life or death and nothing serious will happen if he doesn't get rid of it immediately but it is a nuisance. The issue I see is that what if I'm not in contact for a few days. A SPAM bot in our forum posting stuff with advertising and porn, even if only for a few days, will not reflect well on the group.

This tells me that I need to show more people how to do something about this type of problem. This forum has very low moderator requirements and I so far have had plenty of time to do it.

The current moderators of the forum are:


The method to remove SPAM posts and SPAM bots is pretty straight forward.

1) Log in to the Administrators Control Panel.
2) Select Manage Users from the left sidebar.
3) Select/Type in the user name of the SPAM bot. Hit Submit
4) At the bottom of the user page is the Delete User area. Choose the drop down "Delete Posts" and hit Submit.

The user will be Deleted and all of their posts will magically disappear from the forum. This can not be reversed. There is no "Undelete" option.

If you see a SPAM bot in the forum, I can be reached via the voicemail line for LAMBA and leave a message. The voicemail will send me a text message to alert me. You can also send an email or direct message to Ken.
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