What if?

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What if?

Postby Ken » Tue Jun 09, 2009 11:04 am

What if the population of local mt. bikers grew, and 50% of them were active advocates for the sport, and more trail systems were created, and one day we hosted the Midwest Mt. Bike Festival?

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Postby konabiker » Tue Jun 09, 2009 2:06 pm

forcers are so cool

midwest mt bike fest will be in quad cities 2011 & 2012. planning has already started

it can be done. it has been done. let's do it here! it takes a lot of people. post up if you want to do it.
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Postby crrimson » Tue Jun 09, 2009 6:20 pm

I'd be so excited if we could get some more trail systems going. What happened to Squaw Creek?
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Postby Farmboy » Tue Jun 09, 2009 9:59 pm

I'm working on it. Can't do much right now anyway.
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