Twitter #goingriding hashtag rebroadcast

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Twitter #goingriding hashtag rebroadcast

Postby NoyzSource » Mon Apr 19, 2010 9:00 pm

Just throwing around a few ideas for increased collaboration and riding in groups since ILT is so hot and bothered about it. ILT is actually HAWT all the time when I see him. ;) This idea has not been implemented yet, even if I could, I wouldn't have time for a couple of weeks.

How to allow people to post going riding posts to Twitter and have @BeverlyPark rebroadcast them.

People post "going riding" at area parks in the LAMBA forum but unless you check the forum regularly you are likely to miss many of the last minute riding invitations.

Solution: Allow people to use more instantaneous comms like Facebook, Twitter,, Google Buzz, etc. to follow the riding scene.


People can post messages to Twitter with @BeverlyPark and the hashtag #goingriding. The @BeverlyPark account will filter these messages and rebroadcast them on the website, Facebook, Twitter,, and Google Buzz.

A BASH script on my home PC can check for messages on Twitter and and filter them for rebroadcast via

These messages should be moderated which means that somebody has to see them in a timely manner to make it worthwhile.

The BASH script could uniquely identify the messages by ID# (twitter and may include these in the message) and send a couple of moderators SMS messages with instructions on how to "approve" via SMS or Twitter.

JohnDoe: Going to Sugarbottom at 6PM back entrance. @BeverlyPark #goingriding

BASH script processes incoming message and hashtag.
BASH script assigns unique identfier #455.
BASH script sends direct message or SMS message to moderators.
Moderator(s) direct message BeverlyPark with "approve 455".
BASH script sends text of message:
"JohnDoe: Going to Sugarbottom at 6PM back entrance. @BeverlyPark #goingriding"
to for social media dissemination.

This will only apply to people using Twitter or and will not pull information from the forum or Facebook page.

Other people could fill out a quick form on the website or in the forum that could send an SMS with similar information to the moderators who could repost it via Twitter/

This could be developed for all local rides including Roadies. I may need to come up with a more generic local biking Twitter account to cover more than just Beverly Park. ICOMBA?
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