September TT Results

September TT Results

Postby Rage » Sun Sep 29, 2013 11:18 am

Just took a look at our August recap, realized that September was an improved version of an awesome evening. With the beautiful weather and trails in sweet condition, we stoked the firepit, cranked good tunes and had a great ride. The grill was flaring after the ride and we went through countless pounds of burgers, brats, dogs, chips and brews. What a terrific evening for riding trails and hanging out with cool people, another great turnout! Thanks as always to our indomitable timer Brian who makes everything smooth sailing, wrangler Kevin for replenishing the woodpile and handling grocery patrol, and MC Jay for grill master duty and providing awesome dirt music. It was a blast - while we were hanging out at the shelter, I kept thinking that we should do this more often...

Brent defended his night TT crown from last year as Aaron had the need to complete the entire north side by adding 103 to the course. With Robin returning to the top step of the podium and Kyle in a strong 2nd, everyone started to wonder if procreation can help you turn faster laps. Vanessa doubled up on the first-timers award - first backwards ride at Sugar, first nightride ever - and we had several new TT faces mixed in with old friends (Russell, Scott, Many, Pancho...)

We took a reverse spin around the Scramble main loop: Up the grass path to 105, 101, CX hill (a trip in the dark!), 104 + 104X, 102, and 101 back to the gravel road and shelter and the adoration of the multitudes. Night riding bliss. Below are the results for your perusal:

1 27:46.18 Brent Degues
2 27:53.50 Kyle Williams
3 27:56.02 Andy Peterson
4 28:28.71 Aaron Robnett
5 28:48.91 Nick Sobocinski
6 28:49.23 Robin Williams
7 29:13.45 Jeff Dullard
8 29:34.85 Kevin Seydel
9 29:35.38 Jason Lewis
10 33:33.94 Many Colón
11 33:49.39 Russell Buri
12 34:02.31 Megan Degues
13 34:15.24 Sandy Kessler
14 35:19.68 Scott Steburg
15 35:23.30 Jason Teggatz
16 35:53.94 Vanessa Curtis
17 41:23.99 Mike Frasier

See you on the trail,
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