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September TT Results

PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 9:22 pm
by Rage
Well, who would have thought that we'd actually get all 6 TT's in this year? Not me!

Thanks to everyone who came out for our first night TT and grill-fest, in particular the persistent keepers of time Brian and Robin H. and Kevin for his pyromaniacal skillz. After the reverse north side cruise, we were treated with a healthy fire, hot brats and burgers from the grill, cold beers and smooth tales. Good times.

Known for his late surges, Brent grabbed his first Blue Ribbon of the year. Wes decided course tape should only be obeyed if you can't ride under it, and Lauren had second thoughts about lights that don't work without batteries. The fatbikes made a good showing, indicating fall is just around the corner. Oh wait, it's here. Another great night, looking forward to the next one.... next year.

As per the unofficial official directive, we ride reverse in the dark. Starting from the shelter, we zipped up the grass to 105, over to 101, across CX hill, and all the way over to 102 (except for Wes, he was stoked to ride 104 as well). Cruised around 102 and continued 101 back to the gravel, then over to the shelter and the pagan fires. Awesome.

Here are the results for your reading pleasure:

Place _Time__ Name _____ Award
1 19:17.3 Brent DeGeus *Blue Ribbon
2 20:12.5 Kevin Seydel
3 20:27.8 Nick Sobocinski *Fast Fattie
4 20:57.3 Jason Lewis
5 20:58.9 Dennis Grelk
6 21:24.3 Bennett Bork
7 21:28.4 AJ Turner
8 27:26.4 Dave Hoffman
9 32:53.5 Wes Hepker *Scenic Route
10 35:56.1 Lauren Trolley *Battery Optional