August TT Results

August TT Results

Postby Rage » Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:46 pm

Thanks to everyone who came out for the August TT, most exspecially the number crunchers Brent, Brian, Sandy and Robin H. Special thanks to the long-haul FORC crew from the QC for making the trip. I miss you guys, yo!

Not to be knocked from his lofty perch, Kevin edged Tom for the win, with Robin rounding out the podium as the fastest woman of the night. The recent rain left a tacky course with enough slick spots to punish the dozy. Another great night, looking forward to the next one. I have grill, will travel, am thinking cookout. Just sayin...

The plan was to cover the full lap of the Scramble, but the course marker forgot to put in 102 for which he received a scolding and a stern look. Starting at the shelter, we rode up the gravel to 101 and over to 104, up the hill and finished up 101 via CX hill to the gravel. Up the hill to 201 (sorry Jake), then collecting 202 and 205, skipping the peninsula and nailing 301 to 304. Out 304 and up the gravel to 105 and back to the shelter. Good fun!

Here are the results for your reading pleasure:

Place _ Time ___ Name _____ Award
1 0:34:32.3 Kevin McConnell *Blue Ribbon
2 0:38:00.5 Tom Sulentic
3 0:40:23.0 Robin Williams *Equalizer
4 0:40:34.0 Bennett Bork
5 0:41:06.0 Ben Anderson *Top SS
6 0:41:18.0 Kevin Seydel
7 0:42:15.0 Craig Carmen
8 0:42:35.0 Jeff Dullard
9 0:43:46.0 Scott Shelman
10 0:46:46.0 Aaron Griesenbeck *Top New Member
11 0:47:43.0 Jake Ralfs **
12 0:48:29.0 Lee Marbach
13 0:48:57.0 Steve Sansenbach
14 0:52:48.0 Jamie Parker
15 0:55:32.0 Cameron Doolady
16 0:56:55.0 Dustin Elin
17 0:57:51.0 Curran Beckler
18 1:09:20.0 Dave Hoffman *Best Vintage
19 DNF Steve Fleagle
**Creative route - Past 201 to the back lot, then back up to 201
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