May TT Results

May TT Results

Postby Rage » Thu May 24, 2012 9:24 am

Thanks to everyone who came out for the May TT, especially since we didn't get a reminder out in good time. Double-up thanks to Brian, Cara, and Mary for managing the timing duties! I'm beginning to see a Robnett trend showing up, thinking of setting him up on a SS Pugsley for the June TT...

We started at the shelter and headed up the gravel road to 201, bagged 202 and 203 on the way to 204 (Hell Trail). Skipped 205, and picked up 301 and 302. 303 was to be skipped, but tape was pulled down part way through the ride and JD, Brian, and Ryan rode it as well. We then jumped over to 304 (Troll Bridge), finishing up with 105 back to the shelter. The dirt was great, but needing a haircut. Awesome weather, and good stories afterward.

Here are the results in a somewhat readable format:

Place Time Name
1 30:59.2 Aaron Robnett
2 34:08.6 Kevin Seydell
3 34:42.6 Nick Schaffer
4 34:44.3 Robin Williams
5 35:05.8 Lucas Llado
6 35:09.5 Andy McCann
7 35:44.0 Andy Peterson
8 35:46.5 Doug Bottorf
9 37:01.2 Craig Carman
10 38:05.6 Jeff Dullard *
11 38:50.4 Brian Abbott *
12 39:12.3 Ryan Lueth *
13 40:03.6 Mike Frasier
14 40:12.8 Paul Sueppel
15 43:03.5 Wes Hepker
16 43:13.1 Vanessa Curtis
17 DNF Kyle Williams

*JD, Brian, and Ryan added 303 to their course. Kyle flatted on Hell Trail after putting too much power through his drivetrain.

The next TT is scheduled for Wednesday 20 June, first rider out at 6:30p. Longest day of the series, figure we ought to put it to use with more interesting trails. Kyle for one was trying to figure out a loop that would only consist of Hell Trail, we'll see what we can do for him.


ps. Speaking of haircuts, June 2 is National Trails Day. Plenty of mowing and trimming needing to be done, a strong contingent of those of us tired of getting scratched up will be able to knock this stuff out.
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