First timer for 2015 IMBCS Series

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First timer for 2015 IMBCS Series

Postby LaBwork » Tue Feb 17, 2015 5:00 pm

Hello All, I'm new to IMBCS Series (and mtb racing all together) so I was hoping to get some insight and wisdom on how the races are for some of these in the series. Mainly I would like to know mileage and how I should train. With the first one coming up in about 8 weeks from now, I'd really like to get things started. I've been on and off my bike throughout this winter so I need to tell myself to start being consistent.

Depending on how the first one goes for me (first mtb race ever, sort of on my bucket list :D ) I'll consider doing more throughout the summer.

Any info or wisdom is greatly appreciated!! Or if there is a site that lists specifics for races, that would help too

Thanks in advance :D
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