My 1st time...

1 mile of singletrack, 3 more in the works...

My 1st time...

Postby greenfast » Sat Jul 14, 2012 8:36 am

Yesterday brought my first time riding the full loop at Squaw. It just happened to be at night so with no real direction other then following the wheel of CG for the first lap we set off. Had a blast and really enjoyed the trails and can't wait to go out and do it again.

I was tracking our ride using Strava and created a segment the shows the lap here looks to be just under 2 miles with 106 feet of climbing for one lap. The actual distance might be off as there is some thick tree cover in spots but this will be a good general idea.

The trails are in great shape and they have been ridden in really nicely since being put in this spring, if you haven't checked out the trails lately do so, you won't be disappointed.
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Re: My 1st time...

Postby Blundar » Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:50 am

I tryed to run Squaw Creek around 3 weeks ago (end of August) and sorry to say, I completely failed it.

First of all before anything else, it was bruttaly hot (96ish) and ridiculously humid that day. I started out at the entrance on the Southside. I rode for a ways on a wide accessway and must have then taken a wrong turn because I ended up on a super narrow and very sandy deer trail. I ended up badly scraping up both of my shins, and flew over the handlebars a couple of times when my front tire dug into deep sand. I finally had to stop and walk the bike back to where the car was parked when I ripped out the cable to the rear gearset off the frame.

I was not pissed off about any of this, just disapointed that I had to end the bike run so quickly. The one thing that I think would of greatly helped was if the trails were labeled/numbered, and if I also had better map. With the crudely printed out map that I did have, I had no clue whatsoever where I was. That would of greatly helped to avoid the deer trail that completely ruined it for me that day.

I'd love to give this trail a second shot.
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Re: My 1st time...

Postby Blundar » Mon Oct 01, 2012 3:35 pm

Blundar wrote:
Farmboy wrote:Oct 1st thru Jan 30th.

Wow! That means that I have to get back out there (at least 1 more time) before it closes up for the year...

Yay! I managed to hit Squaw Creek just before it closed for the season!! :dance:

Here is my follow up to my disastrous first try run at Squaw Creek :doh:

I had just finished making some modifications to my bike on the past week and was looking forward to seeing how these improvements would make my ride much better and more fun. I bought and installed a much shorter length handle bar stem (replaced 80mm with a 40mm), and longer stem spacers. I moved the seat forward on the post and lowered it a bit too. I also adjusted all the brake handles and shifter levers about an inch inwards so I could get a better grip on them and not have to grab the handle bar so far out. My quick little test drive on my driveway showed some really good improvements but too hard to tell how good until I hit the trails.

I drove up to the park and ended up parking at Meadowlark Shelter this time. There was a Park Ranger there in his pickup truck so I asked him where the singletrack bike trails are. I showed him some maps that I had printed out and he pointed me in the right direction.

I mounted up and took the main walking/horse/bike trail over to look for a singletrack trail entrance. The main walking trail was actually a really nice and fun speed ride that is wide with some nice up and down hills. Very comparable to many of the "beginner and scenic" trails up in New England where I am used to riding. Those scenic trail runs are usually overlooking a beach or river/pond or mountain overlook. They are great for a quick fitness cardio speed run when you are a bit low on time.

After a bit of riding I found a well marked single track entrance. Most of the trails were well groomed and not over-abused. I really enjoyed some of the obstacles and quickly noticed that my fitness level still leaves a lot to be desired. I will definitely have to keep working on that. :roll: I kept looking at my maps and I do have to admit that I was 100% lost the whole time that I was riding the singletracks. There are no markers, numbers, trail names, or anything like that. A few numbered markers would have greatly helped. This was not a huge loop and not overly complicated. It is also surrounded by a walking trail all around it, so it is not a deal breaker.

There was only one section of trail that looked like it needed some attention that passed under some power lines. It was really sandy and pretty steep so I walked up that section instead. The under-brush had also overgrown across the top part of that section.

Overall, it was an awesome ride that was not ridiculously difficult or peril-less where I feared for my life at any particular spot. My bike modifications ended up being the best things ever too. So I was extremely happy with this ride with no harm done to me, or to the bike, and an excellent and thoroughly enjoyable work-out to top it all off. I am so looking forward to hitting Squaw Creek next year when it opens back up.
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