Camp Ingawannis changes

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Camp Ingawannis changes

Postby NoyzSource » Sat Apr 20, 2013 7:59 am

Pulled this from MTBR.

Hey all. An exciting situation is beginning to unfold here in the Waterloo/CedarFalls/Waverly area. It is also a sort of sad situation in that the Boy Scouts of America organization must sell land that has been in their organization for well over 40 years, if not much longer. Something about their bylaws requiring them to sell off two tracts of land in Iowa. This one, Camp Ingawanis, happens to be very close to our local, metro area and because of scouting efforts, has over 13 miles of simply amazing singletrack.
Just sending this out as an initial notification for those that are not in-the-know locally. When complete, this area will expand rapidly as the highway connection is complete and getting there is now super simple.

In the nutshell, I would personally encourage those with a pocketful of change they're not using to throw a couple bucks into this very much worthwhile project.

OK, the pdf is too large so here is the link...
Ingawannis Woodland

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