RC Grant Monies - could this apply to LAMBA somehow?

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RC Grant Monies - could this apply to LAMBA somehow?

Postby pablo » Thu Feb 14, 2013 9:06 am

Ran across this in the boring newletters I never read. Perhaps something to keep in mind for next year. Seems like LAMBA might be on the cusp of eligibility, but maybe it's something we could think about more and pursue:

We believe that grassroots environmental conservation projects are one avenue to improve the communities in which we operate at Rockwell Collins. Our Green Communities program is intended to help fund environmental projects undertaken by nonprofit organizations and public entities, in partnership with Rockwell Collins employees and retirees. Projects eligible for grant awards must result in tangible improvement in the environmental condition of the community and have sustainable project benefits.

Examples include conservation of natural resources and raw materials, improvement of impacts on environmental media (air, water and land) and restoration or development of ecological habitat. The program strengthens our relationship with our communities and helps foster the diverse environmental interests of our employees.

In 2012, we awarded 49 grants totaling close to $90,000 for projects across the United States and in Australia, Canada, France and Singapore.

Grants are awarded on a competitive basis. Requests for proposals are usually made in January, with awards announced on or around Earth Day.
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Re: RC Grant Monies - could this apply to LAMBA somehow?

Postby Ken » Sat Feb 16, 2013 10:48 am

May or may not be a qualified project, but our conservation guru wants to create a garlic mustard eradicator machine that gives a few people mechanical advantage of many. Nothing has manifested from this vision, but the idea is a powerful leaf vacuum device that chops / pulls the seeds from the top of the plant for quick, easy, permanent removal. Right now we're making a dent with human resource, but people lose motivation at such a daunting task year after year...
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