Beverly Park as a "Future Signature Park"

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Beverly Park as a "Future Signature Park"

Postby NoyzSource » Fri Jun 18, 2010 1:59 pm

As part of the Cedar Rapids Park and Rec Master Plan it looks like Beverly Park has been identified as a potential future signature park similar to Cherry Hill, Ellis, Noelridge, and Bever Park. ... fault.aspx

Link in the lower right corner to a PDF file of the Park and Rec Master Plan.

Page 12 in the lower left shows a Potential Future Signature Park. The map is hard to see but if you follow the railroad you can see it is just North West of where the railroad crosses under Hwy 30. The big green circle pretty much encompasses the whole park.

A slightly easier to see map if you zoom in real close is on page 18. A squiggly line goes from Cherry Hill to Beverly meaning they haven't defined a trail route between the 2 parks yet.

Unknown what the time frame is and the PDF says, "potential future Signature Park in the southwest if required by future population growth, in a location to be determined."
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