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Save Sylvan Island!

Postby Bexter » Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:24 pm

FORC and Quad Cities residents are amidst a letter-writing campain to the City of Moline urging them to stay on top of the Sylvan Island bridge project and to find a solution. The City has been pretty responsive and our approach has been to partner with the City versus blaming and pointing fingers. The City has communicated that this is an important project to them as well. I honestly think they were surprised at how loved Sylvan Island is (as evidenced by the public outcry). Please help us to show strength in numbers by the volume of letters we can produce and get to city leaders. The city begins their goals planning sessions this Monday (June 17th) and we would like for our letters to be in by then.

We have prepared talking points for you to consider when writing your letter -- go here for the talking points. Please help us to make a strong stand. Take a few moments and write a letter. For non-Moline residents, the point of contact is Alderperson-at-Large, Stephanie Acri:

With all of us working together, we MAY be riding Sylvan Island again some day!
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