United Way Day of Caring @ Beverly

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United Way Day of Caring @ Beverly

Postby Ken » Thu May 09, 2013 5:10 pm

Good turnout for the United Way Day of Caring garlic mustard pull at Beverly today...

Somewhere around 90 individuals helped us knock down large sections of garlic mustard on the FrontSide and well into the inner loop...

Well deserved lunch break...

This is the perfect time of year to make dents in the garlic mustard infestation! The ground is soft and the plant is flowering... since it has not yet gone to seed, simply pulling it and placing it on top of a thorn bush / stump / branch / etc. will keep if from regenerating or reproducing; give it a try!

*edit: from Rob via email...
Yesterday's United Way Day of Caring at Beverly was a huge success. Thanks Ken for helping all day. You really helped get people to important areas.

It was a drizzly cool day, but 88 volunteers from 5 companies put in 455 volunteer hours pulling garlic mustard. The plant was at a perfect stage to pull and the soft ground made it easier. Given the plant was at the flowering stage, we didn't need to bag it, so when you see the piles of gm on the downed trees you will know what they are. Not bagging let us get a lot more ground covered.

Almost all trail corridors were worked on and some massive fields of the crap were taken out. The group leaders and their workers all made positive comments about what a good day it was. They loved Beverly! Folks were really tired by the end though and we pulled a few ticks off of people

Thanks for all you do,
Rob J.
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