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My Daughter and I went to Des Moines last Saturday and took part in a Scavenger hunt, food drive that is done on bikes, put on by Punk Rock Cycling. This is a all girl cycling team. The concept was a scavenger hunt where you had a list of twelve items and a map with twelve stores. You would buy one item off the list at one of the stores off the map, then return to the start point when you had completed buying everything on the list. They had a track stand event after they had awarded prizes and handed out the door prizes. The single speed guys are pretty sharp. There was one kid who rode his unicycle during the race and many BOB trailers and a few Burleys. Made it easier to carry the food. They donated the food to a local food bank and the total weight was over 2400 lbs of food. Was a good time in spite of the snow. Look forward to going again next year. Rick ... 6607_b.jpg
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