Last Ride 2013

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Last Ride 2013

Postby Cannonball » Tue Nov 26, 2013 9:23 pm

Trails close for the month of December so this is the last week of riding for 2013. I've heard that the front gates are now closed so the only parking is in the back lot on sugarbottom rd. I think the rangers closed the front after the snow and I suspect they may leave them closed. In any case the trail status signs in the front probably still say closed. Its winter riding conditions so be sure to ride only when the ground is frozen, and not just kinda frozen either, frozen solid. Wed and Thurs look to be good days for riding. Fri and Sat could be too warm unless you ride in the morning. If it warms up, trails may close sat afternoon if not sooner. Get your ride in while you can!
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