Trail Conditions

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Trail Conditions

Postby crockett » Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:34 pm

Has anyone been out to look at the trails at all? (I'm in Muscatine) Any estimates how long it's going to take before they become ride-ready? Any work days coming up that you'll need help with?
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Re: Trail Conditions

Postby Rage » Tue Apr 02, 2013 12:17 pm

Soft and wet. Freeze thaw cycle is still got ahold of us, will likely be another week at least barring additional rain.

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Re: Trail Conditions

Postby Ken » Tue Apr 02, 2013 6:45 pm

Nah, just ride. Then the trail workers can be really unmotivated this year and spend 1/2 as much total time (their unpaid free time) working on the trails, mostly fixing other peoples' selfish decisions instead of building new trails or reroutes that beautifully surf the contours.

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Re: Trail Conditions

Postby CC rider » Wed Apr 03, 2013 6:43 pm

If you need some dirt, get on over to Slyvan Island. It's open. I rode it last weekend. Fun fun fun, Stampede is coming up 4/14.
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Re: Trail Conditions

Postby Cannonball » Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:08 pm

A few of us walked the trails on saturday. South facing trails on the 200s looked almost ready to ride. The North facing trails such as 301 were a different story, there was still snow on the trail in some places and frost was evident. Some rain might help finish off the frost. Prepare for a late opening this year. Last year spoiled us with a March 15 opening, this year might be one of the latest openings. I recall opening on April 15 several times, I would guess with the rains this week, we could be looking at April 20 or so.

I believe next saturday is the first official trail day. Anyone recall where all the downed trees were? We got a few already on the south side. Once we get the trails cleared, the general consensus is that 301 needs some attention with deburming and such.
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Re: Trail Conditions

Postby Cannonball » Fri Apr 26, 2013 12:57 pm

Five of us worked on the trails last night trying to fix up some bridges. There is a lot of trail damage and the erosion left a lot of silt on the trails which wasn't drying out. 8 inches of rain in 24hrs was hard on the trails. I'd expect the trails to open Saturday or Sunday but prepare for very rough conditions and maybe even some closed trails.
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